Carioca DJ Carlos Silva is the man behind TECHNO RESISTE underground. The Brazilian bangs it out on Saturdays for our aural pleasure. Here’s the man in his own words: 

“I started listening to electronic music since the 80s and eventually found techno in 1990.
 Before that my taste had been house and flash house, then techno came to legendary techno houses in São Paulo – techno was super popular on the underground scene back then. 

I was a DJ at parties and events using cassettes and I was a resident dj of the (extinct) Virus club. Techno is my favourite style – it fills all forms of thoughts. The name of my show translates as techno resists in Brazilian lands – without the support from local radio stations.

 I always try to play the best that I can –  a firm believer in the old saying “good music doesn’t age” and I like mixing up the style between all the techno strands. My show airs on Saturdays and is called TECHNO RESISTE underground, Thanks to Annachiena (Saturday schedule manager) for the opportunity to be part of this fnoobtechno team and to be able to play my music.” – No, Carlos thank you for your music! 

Catch DJ Carlos Silva’s TECHNO RESISTE every four weeks on Saturdays. Next show Saturday 11 July 2020 1pm UK time/14hrs CET/10hrs in Sao Paolo/Rio de Janeiro Brazil.